There is no quick-fix or easy way. Cancer research is geared toward finding one answer, one solution, one miracle medicine - the equivalent to penicillin for a bacterial infection - but maybe it isn't that simple. If we're going to beat it, we have got to send in everything we've got - but with a well planned strategy. It's not a foreign micro-organism or parasite - it's a dysfunction in our own system - our own cells that have gone bananas. A systemic error needs a systemic treatment - by using several methods to stop growth and reverse the damage while providing the ultimate conditions for the body to repair the damage on a cellular level on its own. 

Cancerhero is born out of having to figure out how to survive terminal cancer and the things we now know about being part of affecting our own outcome. A diagnosis does not automatically make you a victim - it just makes the road ahead a little more bumpy. The way we look at it, that's what it is, a speed bump (mind you, a very big one).

In ‘71, when president Nixon declared war on cancer - 1 in 30 of us would develop cancer in our lifetimes. Today that figure is 1 in 3. Conversly the cold fact is that despite trillions being spent on research, we have not cured a single cancer since the 1970’s.
— Dominic Hill, Surviving Terminal Cancer

Lifestyle and environment are increasingly contributing to the growing pandemic of chronic illness

Thinking out of the box...


what we did

We were pretty much handed a death sentence. 

With live evidence in our family, that a similar diagnosis in fact needn't be terminal, we decided it wasn't an alternative for us either. So we set about doing everything we could to produce the most optimal conditions for lasting results - no quick fixes - we wanted a long term strategy.

what you can do

 Given the right tools at the right time - it is your own body that will beat cancer, not anyone else.

With a systemic approach using the best theories from all schools of medicine, working together, attacking the failure in your system from all angles, you most likely have the best chance of beating the statistics.