Make a difference.

Help someone you know with the struggle they are going through by learning as much as you can and supporting the necessary lifestyle changes they need to make.

The changes are just as important in preventing cancer as they are in treating cancer.


Spread the Word

Read, learn, form an opinion. Tell your friends and family. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. There are more things to be done. Conventional cancer therapy has a long way to go - Cancer is quickly becoming part of all of our lives. With a whopping 30-50% of us destined to develop cancer in our lifetimes, we need to start understanding how we can lead a long life WITH cancer and not collapse under a diagnosis and fall victim to not only the cancer but also the treatments that often have detrimental side effects.

Stay clued up

Cancerhero is just at the beginning of its lifetime. The road is long and there are lots of GREAT things lined up along the way! With patients in mind, Cancerhero intends to inform, empower and motivate until we make a difference and patients start surviving terminal cancer. This will need to be done by both patients themselves and by driving legislative change and supporting the development of advanced diagnostics, cancer monitoring and novel cancer treatments.