We are getting on with business as usual, only we've had to change direction ever so slightly. Karl never really stopped working - the nurses in the hospital apologized between surgeries for disturbing when they approached his bed while he was busy tapping away at his laptop. I've heard of others who insisted on wearing their own clothes in hospital, just to feel alive. He jogged to radiotherapy and had the most impressive strong mindset I've witnessed, I think that's what kept my feet firmly on the ground. I had to take time off work to dust off my biology and chemistry from school, run a full time research job and catering service to the hospital - it's sad to see the quality of the food served to severely ill patients in dire need of proper nutrition. 

We have every intention of beating the odds for as long as we can find the energy - and the same will go for almost half of us in the not so distant future. Living with cancer will become the norm. So pooling our experiences will drive research and novel therapies as patients willing to go their own way, start paving the way for novel therapies.

Today, we are progression free since diagnosis in July 2013. There is so far, no sign of a tumour on the MRI scans - and with the help of a fantastic scientist, we monitor the circulating tumour cells in the blood, both the amount and their activity. We have a low count, with damaged cells that can't multiply - but there is still some bugger of a cancer stem cell in there producing new cells - and that's the one we have to sniff out and get rid of. Our oncologist says Karl is a walking talking experiment and lights up every time we come for our 3month check up. We're happy we have found a great team to back us up and discuss all our ideas!

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